Nutrition Consultation Service

Despite your sweat and grinding efforts, nutrition is the key to it all when it comes seeing results in your training. All too often, clients come in for a visit, disheartened by the lack of their results. What we all need to first establish is your goal. Now to reach that goal, what are you doing at this very moment? You’ve been spending your evenings in the gym? Fantastic! But that’s only still a small fraction of our day. My question is, what are you doing outside the gym to reach your goal?

You tell yourself, everything in moderation so you follow the 80:20 rule and only indulge on the weekends starting with a Friday night out, a hungover brunch, then a nice lunch the following Sunday. Temptations are everywhere, especially in the cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong. If an average individual eats 3 times a day, that would mean 21 meals a week. To stick to the 80:20 rule, you can actually only afford 3 cheat meals a week! It’s so easy to sneak in a few treats here and there which would make the 80:20 more like 60:40!

Your “everything in moderation” attitude can be detrimental to your diet when you actually take your own spin on “moderation”. We are constantly told new and exciting information about our favorite foods. Red wine for resveratrol, chocolate for antioxidants, and coffee for its caffeine kick to help us with our training. Sooner or later, your “everything in moderation” can equate to a bottle of wine, a bar of dark chocolate, and your fourth latte for the day. These foods are highly addictive and if consumed too frequently, a small amount won’t give you that initial pleasure that you used to get.

Let’s treat our nutrition like a calculated plan and execute according to your needs, your nutrient timing, and your goals. Your nutrition is the most crucial change that you can make even without spending hours in the gym and with consistency, its rewards are endless. Exercise is not an excuse to eat anything and everything outside training time, rather it should be your motivation to continue your progress through nutrition, outside the gym.

Diet and nutrition plays a crucial part in maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. Combined with your fitness program at Epic, our in-house Nutritionist, Maya Schuler-Stewart, will provide you with professional guidance to help fuel your body for an effective workout, maintain a healthy weight and reach your physical goals in the most efficient manner. Achieving healthy dietary habits can help to boost your energy level, provide anti-aging benefits, promote mental clarity, and could even enhance your sleep.

You can enjoy 15 minutes complimentary consultation for your first visit.

One Off Single Consultation (45 min) – $900
1-month package 2 consults: 1 initial consult (45 min) + 1 x follow up (30 min) + final review at the end of 1 month = $2,100
3-month package 6 consults: 1 initial consult (45 min) + 5 x follow up (30 min) + final review at the end of 3 months = $5,500

One off Single Consultation
One off single consultation is ideal for those seeking to enhance their current healthy eating regime and tweak a few changes to live a more optimal, well rounded lifestyle from one that they already have.

1-Month Package
The 1-month package can achieve a weight loss or weight gain of up to 8 pounds (subject to individual) and is ideal for those who want to change their body composition within a limited time such as just before a holiday or an event. It consists of a one month personal meal plan, progress check up, supplementation guide, and constant email support to provide you with a solid foundation to achieve healthy dietary habits.

3-Month Package
The 3-month package is ideal for those wanting to achieve significant and sustainable weight loss or weight gain of up to 22 pounds (subject to individual). Many individuals quickly see results in the first phase of their new diet regime and experience a great weight change which is mainly water weight. But they must persist pass the initial phase to maintain their dietary regime and to achieve actual fat loss and lean muscle mass gain later on. Maya will provide ongoing support, dietary and supplement alteration to form new habits for a healthy lifestyle and change your body composition, so you can lose those tough pounds or add size for a visible change and a new you.

Nutritional Consultant

Maya Schuler-Stewart
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
BSc Sports & Exercise Science

To book in for your initial Nutrition consultation, please contact us via Tel: 3702 6232 or Email:

Maya Schuler-Stewart is a certified Integrated Nutrition Health Coach and also holds a BSc in Sports & Exercise Science. Originally Swiss Japanese, Maya is bilingual and has lived and worked in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and London. She has accumulated her expertise in helping clients achieve their health and wellness goals, and her passion is to share and simplify her nutritional knowledge to make healthy eating more attainable and easy for everyone.

Being an avid fitness fanatic herself with involvement in fitness through swimming, Muay Thai, spinning, and weight training from her early years of childhood, Maya is a firm believer in achieving wellness holistically. Ranging from menopausal to post-natal weight loss, Maya has had success especially in helping females achieve their health goals and wish to further support anyone in need of her assistance to be the best version of themselves.

Case Study 1: CY, 51 Year Old Female, Working Professional

CY came to me initially as she started our female only 5 days a week group fitness class. She has lived a standard sedentary Hong Kong life and enjoyed most of her exercise through daily walks. After 1 week of participating in the fitness class, she felt more energised however, felt as though results were not showing as she did not know how to eat for results. Her main concern was to feel more healthy and fitter.

CY is a typical female working in Hong Kong where she does enjoy her socialising through eating out in various restaurants so she was very clear when she expressed to me that she does not want anything too strict. After looking through her food diary, I noticed that her breakfast is always very regimented but not in the right quantity of foods and macros. C.Y. also went too long between meals without any snacks which then caused her blood sugar to plummet, causing her to crave sweets as a mid afternoon snack if she found any in the office.

I provided CY with a pre workout meal that was easily digested as she worked out in the early hours of the morning, incorporated a post workout protein shake, along with a macro calculated breakfast meal. To top off, her eating regime, CY started having the Vibrant Health Green Vibrance shake every morning to deliver all the micronutrients needed for her body. Even with the snacks that we incorporated in the afternoon time, we noticed a slight drop in her muscle mass due to her strenuous training so we quickly implemented another protein shake in the afternoon with her snacks.

After CY followed these simple tweaks, she continued to enjoy her lunch out with her colleagues but continued to report to me. In one month, CY dropped a whopping 3.4% body fat, increased her muscle mass, and decreased her metabolic age by 8 years!

It’s amazing what slight tweaks to your eating habits, taking the right supplements, and changing the content of your foods can do to your body composition and your optimal health. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the idea of going on a “diet”, however, all it really takes is a lifestyle change and making more mindful choices!

CY, 51 Year Old Female