Nutrition Consultation Service

Despite your sweat and grinding efforts, nutrition is the key to it all when it comes seeing results in your training. All too often, clients come in for a visit, disheartened by the lack of their results. What we all need to first establish is your goal. Now to reach that goal, what are you doing at this very moment? You’ve been spending your evenings in the gym? Fantastic! But that’s only still a small fraction of our day. My question is, what are you doing outside the gym to reach your goal?

Diet and nutrition plays a crucial part in maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. Combined with your fitness program at Epic, our in-house Nutritionist, Maya Schuler-Stewart, will provide you with professional guidance to help fuel your body for an effective workout, maintain a healthy weight and reach your physical goals in the most efficient manner. Achieving healthy dietary habits can help to boost your energy level, provide anti-aging benefits, promote mental clarity, and could even enhance your sleep.

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Chiropractic Treatment

As much as it is our ambition to help members become stronger and fitter, it is also our priority to help our members become healthier individuals. Epic Members train hard and consistently and are constantly developing their bodies, skill-set and mindset. However, by putting our bodies through such hardship on a consistent basis, our bodies become more prone to injury, and it is imperative for us to prevent these injuries from occurring, to truly grow stronger and become healthier.

Myofascial techniques are also utilized to aid in treatment, such as AIS (active isolates stretch), PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation), trigger point therapy, kinesio taping and dry needling.

Every treatment is tailored to suit each individual’s needs in order to obtain optimum results.

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