Epic is a gym like no other. It has the best facilities, largest space, and MOST importantly the best staff and instructors. This combination has nurtured the gym where it is genuinely a pleasure to go to every day. Good people attract Great peopleÉ Thanks to the EPIC people, BJJ and Exercise has become a way of life

Frank Kim, Finance Sector | Information Technology

Epic is not just a gym. It is a community. A lifestyle. A transformation. Epic is people who are like-minded; people who are driven and proven with success. You become what you hang around. Surround yourself with people like yourself or what you want to become. A healthy body is a healthy mind.

Jean-Marc Champagne, Investment Banker

The gym is nice and clean. There is a lot of space for all type of training. The BJJ is big enough for a big level of people rolling at the same time. All other areas are equally good. Lots of equipment for fitness training

Daini Wei, SAP Specialist | Zurich Financial Services

What I like the most about Epic are the top class instructors. In my experience with Fitness and Private Sessions, I have managed to lose weight and increase my strength in two months.

Matt Topping, Sales Director | Hideaway Club