Air Pollution

In Hong Kong

Parents of young children, seniors or members of sensitive groups, be extra careful when you train outside

Download a little free widget for your mobile phone to check the air pollution level

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Be Different And

Stand Out

To stand out is to be "conspicuous by virtue of excellence or superiority"

Whether you have already achieved this and are looking to step to the next level, or have never had the opportunity to know this feeling...

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Achieving your training goals are best realised by combining the supplements that fully support and compliment your training regime.

Get better results with our supplement bundles....

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Epic MMA Club

Pushing limits. Breaking boundaries.

EPIC (ep’ik) surpassing the ordinary, extraordinarily awesome, impressive in quality, episodes of life characterized by virtue and courage.

Epic MMA Club opened its doors in March of 2012 driven by the belief that fitness and martial arts have the power to change lives.

We wanted to create a community where like-minded enthusiasts could come together, share their passion for fitness, and develop as a family. We are here not only to promote various martial arts, strength and conditioning techniques, and fitness alternatives, but to ultimately promote a lifestyle of learning, self-awareness and sustainable health.

Our Club is conveniently located in the beating heart of Central just steps away from the MTR. Covering 15,000 square feet of space with state of the art equipment and infinite mat space, our facilities are unlike any other.

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Our Classes

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Experience lightness. Increased flexibility, both muscles and joints with Zero compression

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A martial art, combat sport, and a self defense system that focuses on grappling.

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Learn the art of eight limbs with its various striking and clinching techniques.

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Burn maximum calories and learn to throw an awesome punch.

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Build strength and increase your endurance.

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A fun way to keep fit and healthy and work on your flexibility.

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Learn how to debilitate your opponent rapidly irrespective of his size, training background or experience level.

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Practice the great stress-buster and be one with your body

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Full contact combat sport that pits athletes from all different types of martial arts backgrounds.

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