Programs & Services
Experience lightness. Increased flexibility, both muscles and joints with Zero compression.

Learn the correct way to throw a punch while burning calories!

Use leverage, technique and intelligence to overcome larger and stronger opponents.

Build functional strength and increase your endurance.

Our empowering, exclusively females-only program. EBF offers the perfect combination of Martial Arts, Fitness and Nutritional Advice. Improve your lifestyle and athletic figure!

Develop your balance and learn how to move freely in any environment.

A self-defence system that focuses on close-combat and counter-attacks to avoid confrontation and attackers.

Encourage your children to develop confidence, discipline, and respect for others while having fun and keeping fit.

Seamlessly blend techniques from different martial arts disciplines in the most complete combat system.

Learn the art of eight limbs and its various striking and clinching techniques.

Our highly experienced trainers will provide you with a great workout, manage your nutritional needs and keep you motivated and accountable.

A program involving mobility work, corrective movement patterns, and core strength conditioning.

A weightlifting-based sport involving different aspects of mental and physical strength, along with speed and endurance.

Relieve your physical and mental stress,and develop balance and concentrated breathing.

Visit our in-house Chiropractor and be relieved of your areas of tension, identify any signs of potential injuries and become a healthier you!