Vuyisile Colossa

Muay Thai World Champion and EPIC Instructor

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Vuyisile Colossa

Muay Thai Instructor and Member of the EPIC Fight Team | Muay Thai World Champion

Professional Highlights

  • Current South African Thai-boxing Middle-weight Champion
  • 2012 WMC Muay Thai Against Drugs Champion
  • 2011 I-1 WMC Grand Extreme World Champion
  • 2010 King's Cup Finalist
  • 2010 WLF World Champion
  • 2002 Ring Contact Fighting Art International Champion


Despite being a 'Cheetah', Vusi has the heart of a lion and is one of the cleanest strikers in all of Muay Thai.'

Jorge Masvidal
MMA Veteran of Strike Force & Bellator

'Vuyisile is slick and explosive. He is going to be a serious problem for anyone in his division. More than this, I love to train with this cat as he is an amazing instructor.'

Philip Baroni
MMA Veteran of UFC & Pride

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