Ton Kunchat

Highly Accomplished Professional Muay Thai Fighter


Ton Kunchat

EPIC Muay Thai Instructor | Member of the EPIC Fight Team

Professional Highlights

  • 147 Professional Fights with 132 Wins
  • Coach on The Challenger Muay Thai Reality Show
  • Certified World Muay Thai Council Coach with 10 years of experience


'Ton is a great trainer. He knows my strengths and weaknesses and trains me so I can always improve and get better. Ton is great at pad work, sparring and techniques. He knows how to make you train hard so you become stronger each time. He trained me for my championship fight for the Challenger Muaythai and I won! I am so happy. Thanks Ton!'

Tum “Mardsua” Kunchat
First ever Challenger Muaythai (AXN) 2011 Champion & King’s Cup 2009 Champion

'Ton is very good for the punch and kick style. He made my punches and kicks a lot better and also for fitness he is great, always has new exercises to do. He always says GO HARD or GO HOME.'

Jason Woodham
IMKO English Champion 2004 & Challenger Muaythai AXN TV

'Ton's training style is very good. Thank you very much for training my boxers hard. Hope to see you soon again in the near future. Sawadicap!!!'

Brent Velasco
3 Gold Medals in World Championship & Muaythai Association of the Philippines Coach

'Very clear, precise and retainable. The technique is perfect and my power has dramatically improved in two days. Ton teaches smart technical style to find openings in opponents. Thanks Ton.

Adam Taylor
WMC Australian Champion, WMC NSW State Title

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