What are EPIC members saying?

Tu-Hien Le

Financial Analyst

"€œThe trainers and staff at Epic are top notch. As somebody new to the gym, they make you feel welcome and part of the Epic community. With members and varying skill level, the trainers and staff make a conscious effort to be open and inclusive to new members.€"

Matt Topping

Sales Director | Hideaway Club

"€œWhat I like the most about Epic are the top class instructors. In my experience with Fitness and Private Sessions, I have managed to lose weight and increase my strength in two months.€"

Cedric Alexandra

Executive Chef | TWG Tea Company

€"Epic is an amazing venue, the gym is so big that I have never feel the place crowded, the changing room are very specious and high quality. This is trully a 5* quality place and I appreciate all the details, such as boxing gloves dryer and lounge area."

Rohit Apte

Trader | HSBC

"€œThe facilities are AMAZING. Most MMA gyms tend to be small dingy spaces with smelly mats and mouldy locker rooms. Epic maintains their facilities very well. Everything is clean and spotless."

Jean-Marc Champagne

Investment Banker

"€œEpic is not just a gym. It is a community. A lifestyle. A transformation. Epic is people who are like-minded; people who are driven and proven with success. You become what you hang around. Surround yourself with people like yourself or what you want to become. A healthy body is a healthy mind."

Mani Ahmadi

Vice President | CA Media

"The instructors at Epic are some of the most technical competitors I know. They are friendly and go the extra mile to help their students learn the fundamentals of the sport and avoid mistakes. Most importantly, they always have the students well being and safety as a top priority. They continue to find ways to challenge students of all skill levels."

Daini Wei

SAP Specialist | Zurich Financial Services

"The gym is nice and clean. There is a lot of space for all type of training. The BJJ is big enough for a big level of people rolling at the same time. All other areas are equally good. Lots of equipment for fitness training."

Frank Kim

Finance Sector | Information Technology

"Epic is a gym like no other. It has the best facilities, largest space, and MOST importantly the best staff and instructors. This combination has nurtured the gym where it is genuinely a pleasure to go to every day. Good people attract Great peopleÉ Thanks to the EPIC people, BJJ and Exercise has become a way of life."