Silvio Braga

3rd Degree Black Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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Silvio Braga

EPIC BJJ & MMA Instructor | Brazilian BJJ National Champion

Professional Highlights

  • 1 X National Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion
  • 3 X Rio de Janeiro Champion
  • 2006 Brazilian National Black Belt Champion


'I have known Professor Silvio Braga since his Childhood as we are from the same city of Teresopolis. In this time, I have followed his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu career closely for many years. He is an amazing person, a great friend, an excellent professor and a champion athlete. Silvio instills into his students the correct values necessary for them to grow in a sport like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. These include discipline, ethical values ​​and dedication.'

Suyan Queiroz
BJJ World & Pan American Champion & 4th Degree Black Belt

'Mr Braga is a world-class martial arts instructor. His expertise in grappling and defensive tactics is only matched by the integrity he demonstrates and the quality of his instruction.'

Timothy P. Rourke
Supervisory Special Agent. FBI

'Since I began training with Mr. Braga, he has taught me grappling which will enable me to better defend myself. Mr. Braga's name is well-known in his field both in Brazil, the USA and now in Hong Kong.'

Andrew Balceniuk
Special Agent United States Secret Service

'Professor Silvio is great in Jiu Jitsu and great man. I met Silvio back in brazil and he is a true representative of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu He has a lot to give to the art. Hey bro you are the man! Learned a lot from you. You guys dont know how lucky you are to have such a great black belt.'

Olavo Abreu
3rd Degree Black Belt, Head BJJ Instructor of Phuket Top Team

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