Rodrigo Medeiros

4th Degree Black Belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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Rodrigo Medeiros

EPIC Lead Instructor BJJ & MMA | Multiple Championships holder

Professional Highlights

  • Founder of BJJ Revolution Team and its 65 member schools
  • 4 x Gold Medalist in Pan-American Games
  • 4 x Rio de Janeiro Champion
  • 3 x National Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion
  • 3 x U.S. Open Champion
  • World Master Champion
  • US National GI and NO GI Champion


'Rodrigo is one of the most technical fighters of his generation. He is among a small handful of the absolute best coaches in the sport.'

Antonio Minotauro Nogeira
UFC Heavy Weight Champion & Pride Heavy Weight Champion

'Rodrigo Medeiros is one of the most technical black belts from the Carlson Gracie Team ever. He is not only a good fighter, but also one of the best coaches I have met. He is the one to follow.'

Murilo Bustamante
UFC Middle Weight Champion, BJJ World Champion & ADCC Champion

'I have the pleasure to know Rodrigo Medeiros for over 20 years. As a competitor and as a teacher, he has an outstanding track record winning many championships in the highest levels of competition. He is a true legend of the Sport.'

Mario Sperry
3X Winner of World BJJ Championships & 4X ADCC Champion

'Rodrigo is an elite member of Carlson Gracie academy golden years and definitely one of the most technical athletes ever produced!'

Carlson Gracie JR
Member of the Gracie Family & five stripe Black Belt in BJJ

'I have known Rodrigo since he was a Blue belt. He has always been a great athlete and has become one of the most influential BJJ instructors in the world. I admire Rodrigo a lot and that is why I provide my reference.'

Alvaro Mansur
Master Red and Black Belt & IBJJF Head Referee

'Is easy to comment on Rodrigo’s world class BJJ technique and his life long dedication to his students. I'd like to talk about Rodrigo as a human being and to highlight how important it is for our sport that we have individuals such as Rodrigo representing us in Asia. BJJ is new in Asia and I am thankful that we have Rodrigo there, as I am sure he will continue to bring honor and respect to our sport.'

Royler Gracie
Master Red and Black Belt & BJJ World Champion

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