Personal Training. Effective Training. Powerful Results.

Effective Training. Powerful Results.


Effective Training. Powerful Results.

Reach your fitness goals faster. Whether your goal is to improve body composition, athletic performance or overall well-being – our highly experienced personal trainers will get you there.

Effective Training. Powerful Results.

Stay on track with our Epic Training App

Our trainers can provide feedback and updates on their progress with their clients remotely, to help them continue with their regimen while traveling. The app will enable you to log and record your progress, provides real-time feedback and suggestions ranging from exercise technique, modifications to your nutrition plan and set targets for your next training session.

By addressing all facets of fitness and health, your results will come quicker. Under the guidance of our personal trainers, prepare yourself for the most effective, all-encompassing, training program.

Your goal is our mission!

Join us for private training with our highly experienced personal trainers and world-class instructors and receive utmost attention and quantifiable results.

At Epic MMA & Fitness we use a combination of strength and energy systems training to get you to your desired results. At Epic, you can expect:

  • Improved body composition: decreased body fat, increased lean mass
  • Improved strength, mobility, energy and vitality
  • Improved athletic performance: skill, power, speed and agility
  • Prehabilitation and rehabilitation of injuries
  • Optimized rest and recovery

Private and semi-private training are available for all disciplines, including, fitness, martial arts and yoga.

Train at locations of your choice

Epic Performance Centre, our newest fitness facility located in the heart of Central, Hong Kong is dedicated for personal training. Each of our locations has its own unique identity and training expertise. Contact us for more information.

What to expect

At Epic MMA & Fitness, we are detail-oriented and results-driven. We begin your fitness journey with a comprehensive fitness and health assessment before we begin training.

  • Fitness and health assessment: this will identify your current training and lifestyle routine, nutrition, medical history, injuries and goals.
  • Structural balance assessment: this will identify any limitations, such as weaknesses and/or tightness in certain muscles and/or fascial meridians. This information is used to design your training program
  • Body-fat measurement: We use the Tanita Scale to measure body composition and track bi-weekly progress

We use this information to create a customized training and nutritional program to get you to your goal. We are dedicated to providing long-term sustainable results to improve your health and quality of life.

Personal Training Consultation

Come meet one of our Personal Trainers for a 15 minute FREE consultation. See how we can help you achieve your fitness goals.

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