Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a full contact combat sport that pits athletes from all different types of martial arts backgrounds in direct competition with each other. MMA does not have weight or time limits in its purest form. However, MMA has recently become more of an institutionalized sport and has instituted weight class and timed rounds as a way to popularize the sport.

To be a complete MMA athlete, the fighter needs to be competent in four areas of combat to include, striking, clinching, take-downs, and grappling.


  • Learn functional high intensity training that focuses on multi-joint, multi-planar and total body training that mixes energy systems requirements.
  • Utilize cardiovascular conditioning and strength to incrementally enhance your endurance, your heart, lungs, and other bodily systems.
  • With improved strength and endurance comes superior balance and flexibility that helps maintain your center better as you practice kicks along with other moves.
  • As your physical prowess improves so will your self-confidence not only in your ability to execute moves but also to take on life’s challenges.
  • Increase your level of preparedness in the face of a dangerous situations by defending yourself whenever you need to with the knowledge of combative arts.