CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program built upon the method of constantly varied high intensity functional movements to develop strength and increase endurance to prepare you for any physically demanding situation. Its athletes are tested in their ability to move large loads over broad time and modal domains.

CrossFit is great for developing a broad base of fitness that is general and inclusive. Rather than working muscles in isolation, CrossFit exercises involve the entire body, a method that gets balanced results much quicker than traditional programs. It uses Olympic lifting progressions, basic gymnastic skills and high intensity metabolic conditioning combined with many other movements.


  • The CrossFit program is designed for scalability and applies equally well to all individuals regardless of age or fitness level.
  • By varying the load and intensity, we start you at a level appropriate to your fitness and experience.
  • With commitment and hard work you will achieve greater general fitness and a high degree of athleticism.
  • We take an old-school approach by emphasizing fundamental, functional movements with proper technique.
  • The stimulus provided is always varied and the results are dramatic.
  • The atmosphere is one of support and camaraderie to anyone willing to put in the work.


– On Ramp is designed to introduce the fundamental movements and workouts we do in CrossFit on a daily basis.
– It is designed to safely and efficiently integrate anyone interested in starting CrossFit into our program and classes with confidence.
– It does not matter what your current fitness level is or how long you may or may not have spent in the gym before coming to us.
– Workouts can be scaled and most injuries or personal limitations can be taken into consideration.
– Your coach will answer all questions on training, supplementation, recovery, nutrition, mobility, etc.