Learn To Box with Lessons at Hong Kong’s Best Boxing Gym

Gain confidence, power and strength in the ring with the help of our talented professional instructors. Known as the ‘gentleman’s sport’, boxing has been around since prehistoric times although its modern incarnation was developed in the UK and US. A multifaceted physical discipline, boxing requires strength, endurance, agility and strategy. With our extensive facilities, free trial and professional instructors, Epic MMA is one of Hong Kong’s best training gyms.

Train in the Manly Art of Self-Defense

Western boxing or simply boxing as it is more commonly referred to is a martial art and combat sport in which competitors strike each other using their fists enclosed inside heavily padded gloves. Boxing matches are broken down into a series of timed rounds with each competitor awarded points depending on the amount of punches they connect and deflect, as well as knockdowns and more subjective measures. However if one fighter succeeds in knocking the other out before the rounds are finished, they are declared the winner. Boxing has become an important part of mixed martial arts as its practitioners have time and again proven the effectiveness of the art’s focus on well-timed punching combinations.

Professional Classes That Will Give you an Edge

When you come to a boxing class at our gym, our instructors will be there to guide you in the ring, every step of the way.

Training in this discipline will provide you with a complete workout for your cardiovascular and endurance system as well as training upper body, lower body, and core strength.

Drills are easily modified to increase or decrease the intensity and complexity of the workout, accommodating all levels of experience, strength, and fitness. We will help you find resistance in your learning process, your fitness level, and of course, your opponent. For more information on the range of lessons available at our Hong Kong gym, please don’t hesitate to get in touch (852) 2525-2833.