Amazing AntiGravity Fitness Classes in Hong Kong

Prepare to suspend your disbelief.

AntiGravity was first developed as a training tool for aerial performers doing routines on hanging silk that many of us have seen in shows all over the world. Initially created for entertainment purposes, founder and creator Christopher Harrison – who comes from a background in gymnastics and dance – later saw its potential as an exercise alternative suitable for anyone by adopting it to studio style training. He then went on to design the silk hammock that allows you to imitate positions done on hanging silk but in a safer and more class effective manner.

Noticing and documenting its many health and fitness benefits led Harrison to create and develop AntiGravity Yoga and Fitness. Established in 1991 and headquartered in Manhattan, AntiGravity and its trademarked techniques have since then spread to gyms and studios in over 30 countries. It has been featured on National TV Audiences in the US in many daily shows and practiced by many Hollywood celebrities as well as professional athletes.

Our AG classes at our Hong Kong gym include: aerial yoga, restorative yoga, Pilates, airbarre, suspension fitness, specialty techniques, and even AntiGravity classes for kids. They aim at joint decompression, core strengthening, increased flexibility, creating musculature balance, encouraging body awareness, refreshing your lymphatic and circulatory systems, and much more.

Get ready to experience Lightness!

Unique Aerial Yoga Classes for Kids and Adults

At Epic, you’ll work with qualified aerial yoga instructors who have years of experience both on the mat and in the air. As you clear your mind and improve your core fitness you’ll come to love the freedom that comes from being suspended in the air. The gentle nature of these classes make them suitable for both adults and kids. Five of the major benefits of doing aerial yoga include:

  • Increased flexibility in both muscles and joints
  • Decompression of spine through gentle traction and hydration of vertebral discs
  • Upper and lower body strengthening
  • Low impact cardiovascular conditioning
  • Zero compression inversions allow circulatory and lymphatic systems to refresh

For more information on the classes available at our Hong Kong gym, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on (852) 2525-2833.