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Take your personal trainer with you – Online Personal Training – Anywhere, Anytime.

Are you seeing results?
Do you want the most effective workout program for your body type?
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Epic’s Online Personal Training Program – Epic Fit

As Asia’s premier MMA and fitness facility, we are now extending our services beyond our walls. Epic Online Personal Training is offering personalised training and nutritional programs for all levels of fitness and goals. This program is for those seeking accountability and guidance to looking better and feeling healthier. There are three series to choose from: weight loss, hypertrophy and strength. You will receive training and nutritional programs, online support and access to exercise videos. This program requires you to track your progress on Epic Fit Mobile App.

  • Customised fitness programs
  • Optional nutritional and lifestyle guidance from our Integrative Nutritionist

Choose your series:

  • Weight Loss – A combination of resistance training and conditioning to melt body fat, improve metabolism and overall health.
  • Hypertrophy (Increase Muscle Mass) – A physique program that is strict on sets, reps, tempo and rest, this program is designed to increase your muscle mass. You will need access to weights.
  • Strength Training – This program is intelligently designed to improve motor patterns allowing you to recruit more muscle fiber, translating to strength. Heavier weights are used for this program. You will need access to weights.

How does Online Fitness Program Work?

After you have completed our assessment, Epic’s highly experienced trainers will assign a workout regime based on your individual profile (including age, fitness level, goals, schedule availability, available equipment and space, etc.). The program will be sent to you through the Epic Fit mobile app for easy access where there is a database of exercise videos which you can watch anytime, anywhere.

You will receive professional advice from top fitness instructors at only a fraction of the cost!

What Does the Online Fitness Program Include?

1. Basic Program

  • Monthly customised training program
  • 24/7 access to library of exercise videos
  • Guidance and support through mobile app and email communications
  • Results and performance tracking with Epic Fit mobile app
  • Discounts on supplements on Vita Revolution supplements Webstore
  • Nutritional and lifestyle tips and guidance

2. Basic Program + 1-on-1 Personal Training Session

In addition to the basic training program, you can receive one 1-hour personal training session every month with your dedicated trainer to go through your next block of training program, review your performance and adjust your program to make sure you continue to make progress.

This can be done onsite at our personal training gym in Central, Hong Kong or via online video conference for members who do not have easy access to our gym.

Plan VitaRevolution Supplement Basic Program Basic + Personal Training Session
1-month plan Receive one time 5% discount HK$500 HK$1,100
3-month plan Receive 3 months 10% discount HK$1,080 HK$2,880
6-month plan Receive 6 months 10% discount HK$2,040 HK$5,640
12-month plan Receive 12 months 15% discount HK$3,600 HK$10,800

Payment & registration: Pay online here.

Optional Add-ons

Gym Memberships: Special rate of only $650/month (Gym equipment only)
Members of the online training program can enjoy a special rate to train at our flagship gym with state-of-the-art gym facility in Central, Hong Kong.

  • Members of the online personal training program can enjoy the special gym membership rates for 1/3/6/12-month terms.
  • Payment can be made by lump sum on our webstore, or lump sum and direct direct at our Central flagship gym.
  • 30 days notice must be given to cancel the gym membership.

For other gym membership options, please visit http://www.epicmma.com/pricing/.

Flagship gym location: 1/F China Building, 29 Queen’s Road Central.

Custom Nutrition Plan
Diet and nutrition plays a crucial part in maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. Combined with your fitness program, our Integrative Nutritionist can provide you with guidance to help fuel your body for an effective workout, maintain a healthy weight and reach your fullest potential physical goals in the most efficient manner.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info@epicmma.com.