Chiropractic Treatment

As much as it is our ambition to help members become stronger and fitter, it is also our priority to help our members become healthier individuals. Epic Members train hard and consistently and are constantly developing their bodies, skill-set and mindset. However, by putting our bodies through such hardship on a consistent basis, our bodies become more prone to injury, and it is imperative for us to prevent these injuries from occurring, to truly grow stronger and become healthier.

Epic Health & Wellness’ success is due to none other than Dr. Elaine Leung, who currently leads the service.

Elaine Leung DC is a registered Chiropractor in New South Wales, Australia, and Hong Kong. Dr. Leung incorporates a variety of Chiropractic techniques to provide the best service possible, including Diversified, Gonstead, Thompson Drop, and Activator.

Myofascial techniques are also utilized to aid in treatment, such as AIS (active isolates stretch), PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation), trigger point therapy, kinesio taping and dry needling.

Every treatment is tailored to suit each individual’s needs in order to obtain optimum results.

By being adjusted through chiropractic, your body will be relieved of its various areas of tension, and you will also be able to identify any signs of potential injury. Not only does this improve your health, it will also simultaneously enhance your performance. Oftentimes, our performance plateaus stem from our inability to recover in time.

Price List

  • $900 Initial Consultation & Assessment
  • $750 30 min follow-up visit
  • $850 45 min follow-up visit
  • $900 60 min follow-up visit
  • $400 20 min Vibrotactile Massage
  • $250 Kinesiology Taping per body part

For more information: Chiropractic information PDF (4mb).

DR Elaine Leung DC

Dr. Elaine Leung
Registered HK Chiropractor
香港注册脊醫 (CC000185)
Bachelor of Chiropractic Science (Macquarie University)
Master of Chiropractic (Macquarie University)


I discovered the benefits of chiropractic care by chance. I went to see Doctor Elaine for a shoulder injury I suffered falling off a mountain bike in Australia. While treating my shoulder she insisted on examining my back. I’ve been a very active person for most of my life and didn’t think I had any problems. I had never experienced back pain. I was surprised when Elaine pointed out problems with my back – some of the vertebrae were locked together and as a result my muscles were working hard to stabilize everything.

Elaine’s approach is very scientific and methodical. She explains each step making sure you are comfortable with the process before proceeding with aligning your spine. While some of her actions require force, at no point do you feel unsafe or in danger of injury. After a few sessions my spine had a lot more mobility. I realized that I had some chronic pain due to bad posture and alignment but since the change was gradual it felt normal.

Our sedentary lifestyles often lead to back and posture issues. I would highly recommend seeing a chiropractor to address them. Doctor Elaine brings a wealth of knowledge, listens to your needs and concerns and helps address your problems. Definitely book an appointment– you back will feel a lot better for it!

Rohit Apte
I hurt my shoulder from doing toes to bar and hadn’t sought professional help until someone recommended me to see Elaine. Her assessment was spot on. Not only did the sessions helped my shoulder recover, I could also feel the relief and better alignment of the spine and neck. I would recommend Elaine to anyone experiencing pain or for general maintenance.

My experience with Physio/Chiropractic Treatment

After going to CrossFit classes for the best part of a year I had injured my shoulder. The MRI showed right shoulder rotator cuff tendon pain with the supraspinatus tendon swollen.

I had done a fair amount of physio on it but was not really getting results.

Elaine Leung’s approach was the first treatment that really made a difference. The combination of chiropractic treatment and physio seemed to help and after visits every two weeks for a few months and some prescribed rest the shoulder was pain free and almost 100% recovered. I continue to see Elaine for general maintenance and some alignment, it is definitely helpful for anyone that wants to exercise frequently.

Aside from the treatment Elaine is always patient and understanding and generous with her time and efforts. She is highly recommended.