Our mission

Establish an exclusive world class martial arts training community to enhance the performance and fidelity of its members' lives on and off the mat.

Our belief

Once exposed to genuine martial arts in a supportive environment, each and every one of us will benefit from its practice.
EPIC (ep'ik) surpassing the ordinary, extraordinarily awesome, impressive in quality, episodes of life characterized by virtue and courage.

How does it work?

Once you’ve joined as an EPIC MMA Club member, you walk-in, train at any class, and walk out.


15,000 sq feet 5 star facilities
Gifted champion instructors
Friendliest martial art club in Hong Kong
Club located in the heart of Central

About EPIC MMA Club

EPIC MMA Club is dedicated to the benefit of its members and the advancement of the practice of mixed martial arts across each of its disciplines. Our community is comprised of individuals who share a common commitment to improving their performance in life through the practice of martial arts and functional fitness.

EPIC MMA Club is also Asia's flagship studio for BJJ Revolution. We are part of an organization of 65 academies worldwide that have collectively won six of the last seven US National Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Team titles.

The founders of EPIC MMA Club are professionals who are also martial artists. Collectively, this team has in excess of 250 years of martial arts training and holds numerous major championship titles. We are deeply passionate about martial arts and the positive impact it has had in our lives.

We believe that in the study and practice of martial arts, there is room for everyone who is willing to learn.

Our high-energy community empowers its members to realize the opportunity to BE EPIC in their own right on the mat and off. Epic MMA Club is about performance. Martial Arts is the conduit which galvanizes the community.

Our Philosophy

'Jiu-Jitsu gives you confidence and helps you feel good about yourself, and when you get that feeling you stay with the art. Not only that, but whenever you have confidence in yourself, you become more tolerant, more respectful of others. It may seem ironic that a combat sport could teach you to become a more humane person, but I really believe that. To love one another, to be caring towards your fellow man-that is what Jiu-Jitsu has taught me.'

Helio Gracie